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My journalism will now appear exclusively in an email newsletter format—and I hope you’ll join me

“Invigoratingly unorthodox perspectives for intellectually honest readers”

Stark Realities LogoHi, this is Brian McGlinchey—founder, editor and sole writer of—announcing my move to a new writing platform: Stark Realities with Brian McGlinchey, a Substack email newsletter.

Stark Realities sets out to undermine official narratives, demolish conventional wisdom and expose fundamental myths across the political spectrum—with original reporting, deeply unorthodox policy arguments and excavations of key events buried by establishment media.

That same spirit inspired me to create While began with a singular focus, Stark Realities will cover a broad range of foreign and domestic topics.

My first post, Why I’m Launching Stark Realities, includes a look back at my creation of and some of the up-and-down experiences as an independent journalist here—including what it’s like to be a victim of Facebook’s algorithms. 


What will Stark Realities cover? In addition to the War on Terror and foreign policy, expect insightful reporting and policy arguments on everything from current events and history to economics, public health policy, criminal justice, tax policy, the war on drugs, gun control, the Federal Reserve and more. You can learn more here

How do I sign up for Stark Realities? If you’re an email subscriber at, you’ll automatically receive the free articles I write at Stark Realities. (You can unsubscribe whenever you’d like.) If not, you can sign up for Stark Realities here.

Is there more to Stark Realities than free content? Yes. After a while, some articles and features will only be available to subscribers. For $5 a month or $50 a year, subscribers get:

  • Every thought-provoking Stark Realities article, published about once a week
  • Full access to the growing Stark Realities archive
  • Discussion-thread conversations with your fellow subscribers and me
  • The satisfaction of supporting truly independent journalism

Why does Stark Realities have a paid-subscription tier? This newsletter marks my move to full-time journalism. While I did receive some contributions at for which I’m very grateful, it was overwhelmingly a pro bono undertaking for me. 

Why did go quiet? Largely because of Silicon Valley’s increasingly restrictive control of what people see and hear. 

As part of a broader drive to stamp out “misinformation,” Facebook aggressively reduced the visibility of my posts there to a tiny percentage of the thousands of followers who’d explicitly expressed their wish to see them. 

It didn’t matter that I adhered to the highest standards of journalism and had broken stories that were followed up on by major news organizations. In the eyes of Facebook, independent journalism is suspect and the New York Times is the gold standard—never mind that the Times was instrumental in misleading the public into believing false claims of an Iraqi nuclear weapons program. 

Facebook’s de facto banning was a major blow to my ability to reach my established audience, much less expand it. That, along with some uncertainty about what to do next with—named for goal that had been accomplished—helps explain why my writing here stopped. 

Why is Stark Realities using an email newsletter format?  Newsletters let readers and independent journalists bypass social media gatekeepers and form direct connections. There’s no risk of working hard to build a social media following, only to have it neutralized by a black box algorithm or the whims of a nameless, faceless employee in a Silicon Valley cubicle. 

Newsletters are becoming an important weapon in the brewing revolt against censorship by Silicon Valley and restraints imposed on writers by corporate media outlets. Notably, Glenn Greenwald recently abandoned The Intercept and moved to Substack’s newsletter platform, which will also host Stark Realities.

How can I help Stark Realities succeed? Aside from purchasing a subscription, please spread awareness by:

  • Sharing this announcement with others who are familiar with Most of my readers don’t follow this site by email, and won’t hear this news unless you tell them.
  • Sharing the Stark Realities “about” page with others who enjoy independent journalism
  • Forwarding Stark Realities articles
  • Posting links on social media
  • Following @_starkrealities on Twitter

What will happen to and its social media accounts? I’ll maintain the website so its more than 150 articles continue to serve as a resource. If you were following @28Pages on Twitter, you’re now following @_starkrealities, since I’ve changed the account name and username. The Facebook account has also been converted (for whatever that’s worth.) 

Thank you so much for following my work at and especially for being a part of the successful campaign to release the 28 pages.

That campaign was well underway before, and had more prominent leaders than me both in and out of government. However, I’m proud to have added my hands to the good side in a tug of war that pitted transparency advocates and 9/11 victims against the formidable national security establishment and its ally—not ours—Saudi Arabia.

Best wishes and I hope to see you at Stark Realities.


Brian P. McGlinchey

“Brian McGlinchey is an absolutely outstanding reporter, with an enviable record in breaking stories and making waves” —Andrew Cockburn, Washington Editor, Harper’s Magazine
“By keeping the public informed, was instrumental in our effort to get the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report released for the victims’ families.” —Thomas Massie, United States Congressman
“Brian McGlinchey is one of the most talented hell-raisers around” —James Bovard, Columnist, USA Today
Invigoratingly unorthodox perspectives for intellectually honest readers