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Hi, this is Brian McGlinchey—founder, editor and sole writer of—announcing my move to a new writing platform.

Stark Realities with Brian McGlinchey is a Substack newsletter that undermines official narratives, demolishes conventional wisdom and exposes fundamental myths across the political spectrum—with original reporting, deeply unorthodox policy arguments and excavations of key events buried by establishment media.

Stark Realities covers a broad range of foreign and domestic topics, such as:

“Brian McGlinchey is an absolutely outstanding reporter, with an enviable record in breaking stories and making waves” —Andrew Cockburn, Washington Editor, Harper’s Magazine

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What will Stark Realities cover? In addition to the war on terror and foreign policy, expect insightful reporting and policy arguments on everything from current events and economics to public health policy, criminal justice, tax policy, the war on drugs, gun control, the Federal Reserve and more. Learn more here

Why is Stark Realities using an email newsletter format? Newsletters let readers and independent journalists bypass social media gatekeepers by forming direct connections—that’s why they’re at the vanguard of the revolt against Silicon Valley censorship and corporate media groupthink.

Why does Stark Realities have a paid-subscription tier? This newsletter marks my move to full-time journalism. Independent, ad-free journalism is enabled by the direct support of readers.

Why did go quiet? Largely because of Silicon Valley’s increasingly restrictive control of what people see and hear. As part of a broader drive to stamp out “misinformation,” Facebook aggressively reduced the visibility of my posts there to a tiny percentage of the thousands of followers who’d explicitly expressed their wish to see them. 

It didn’t matter that I adhered to the highest standards of journalism and had broken stories that were followed up on by major news organizations. My first article on my new platform—Why I’m Launching Stark Realities—includes a look back at my creation of and some of the up-and-down experiences as an independent journalist here.

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Thank you so much for following my work at and especially for being a part of the successful campaign to release the 28 pages.

That campaign was well underway before, and had more prominent leaders than me both in and out of government. However, I’m proud to have added my hands to the good side in a tug of war that pitted transparency advocates and 9/11 victims against the formidable national security establishment and its ally—not ours—Saudi Arabia.

Best wishes and I hope to see you at Stark Realities with Brian McGlinchey.


Brian P. McGlinchey

“By keeping the public informed, was instrumental in our effort to get the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report released for the victims’ families”—Thomas Massie, United States Congressman
“Brian McGlinchey is one of the most talented hell-raisers around”—James Bovard, Columnist, USA Today

Invigoratingly unorthodox perspectives for intellectually honest readers

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