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March 2021

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October 2018

DOJ Fails to Pursue Allegations of Saudi Lobbying Misconduct

September 2018

Senate, House Measures Urge Release of 9/11 Documents

August 2018

Exclusive: FBI Told Former Agent Not to Help 9/11 Victims Build Case Against Saudi Arabia

July 2018

Saudis, Ex-Spies and a DC Socialite: Highlights from Lobbying Firm’s Report to DOJ

Syracuse U NatSec Director Shifts Story on His Service to Saudis

June 2018

Leaked Emails Suggest Trump Campaign Duplicity on 28 Pages

Syracuse National Security Program Director Registers as a Saudi Foreign Agent

May 2018

Kim and Connie Schmett’s Saudi Scandal Prompts New Iowa Laws

March 2018

In Blow to Kingdom, Judge Rejects Saudi Effort to Escape 9/11 Suit

November 2017

Iowa Governor Seeks Review of Officials Who Worked for Saudis

September 2017

Document Exposes Inconsistent Disclosure of Saudi Hand in Campaign Against JASTA

Senate Campaign Faces Scrutiny of Strategist’s Work for Saudis

Vet Says Iowa Official Used Deceit to Recruit Him to Lobby in Saudi Drive Against 9/11 Law

August 2017

Gitmo Judge Blocks 9/11 Defense Attorneys from Viewing 28 Pages

July 2017

Cornyn Condemns Tactics Saudis Used Against 9/11 Justice Law

9/11 Victims Urge British PM to Release Saudi Terror Report

The Saudi Agents Next Door: Americans Who Cashed in on Campaign to Stop 9/11 Trial

June 2017

NY Tea Party Leader Aided Saudi Drive to Change 9/11 Justice Law

May 2017

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Godfather of al Qaeda and Taliban, Dead at 89

Video: Saudi Lobbying Scandal Gains First National TV Exposure

9/11 Defense Lawyers Push for Access to Unredacted 28 Pages

Consultant Used Facebook to Recruit Others to Saudi Cause, But Didn’t Disclose Kingdom’s Role

April 2017

Capitol Media Group Didn’t Tell Vets They Were Lobbying for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Paid Conservative PR Firm $90,000 to Bring Vets to DC to Lobby Against JASTA

Complaint in 9/11 Suit Reveals Depth of Case Against Kingdom

Four More Vets Say They Were Tricked into Lobbying for Saudis

March 2017

DOJ Complaint Filed Over Saudi Lobbying Campaign That Exploited Veterans

Meet 70 Americans Who Are Working for Saudi Arabia Against 9/11 Justice

February 2017

Veterans Say Organizers Concealed Saudi Sponsorship of Their Trip to DC to Lobby for Changes to 9/11 Lawsuit Legislation

Veterans Being Misled on JASTA, Says International Law Expert

Former Senator at Plaintiff’s Table in 9/11 Case Against FBI

Saudi Lobbyists Recruiting Veterans to Kill 9/11 Lawsuit

January 2017

Like Saudi Arabia, Israel Has a Soft Spot for Sunni Extremism

A New Year, a Wider Focus for

December 2016

Exposed: Saudi Astroturf Effort Against JASTA

November 2016

Saudi Lobbying Armada Grows Even Larger; Governors Targeted

October 2016

Kerry Collaborating with Saudi Official to “Fix” 9/11 Lawsuit Bill

Clinton Email May Help Preserve Power to Sue Saudis for 9/11

September 2016

Gitmo Detainee Says Saudi Royal Involved in Jihadist Recruitment

White House Protest Will Counter Obama-Saudi Campaign to Kill 9/11 Lawsuit Bill

9/11 Families to Attend Speaker Ryan’s Memorial Event

ACTION ALERT: Call Speaker Ryan, Request Vote on JASTA

August 2016

Graham: Many More Documents on Saudi Links to 9/11 Still Secret

With Powerful Videos, 9/11 Families Push Congress on JASTA

Bush Administration Official: Saudi Ties to 9/11 Hidden to Protect Iraq War Narrative

July 2016

7 Unanswered Questions About the 28 Pages Declassification’s Brian McGlinchey on the Ron Paul Liberty Report

Selected Revelations from the Declassified 28 Pages on 9/11

Those Secret 28 Pages on 9/11: Read This Before You Read Them

Cheney Advisor Led Effort to Kill GOP Platform Plank on 28 Pages

GOP Platform Subcommittee Approves 28 Pages Plank

Rep. Lynch: 28 Pages on 9/11 May Reveal “Terrible, Terrible Errors” by U.S. Intelligence Community

June 2016

Brennan: Release of 28 Pages Requires “Discussions” with Congress

Nation Awaits June Conclusion of 28 Pages Declassification Review

New House Resolution Directs Intel Committee to Release 28 Pages from 9/11 Report

CIA Director: 28 Secret 9/11 Pages Should, Likely Will Be Released

“Pentagon Papers” Senator Urges Use of Speech or Debate Clause to Disclose Secrets of 28 Pages

May 2016

Questions Swirl Around 28 Pages Declassification Process

Slanted CSIS Report on 28 Pages Showcases Saudi Influence on U.S. Think Tanks

Massie: Keeping 28 Pages Secret Threatens National Security

9/11 Commission’s Lehman Criticizes Statements by Kean, Hamilton

Expert: Alleged “Inaccuracies” Can’t Justify 28 Pages Secrecy

On 28 Pages, CIA’s Brennan Has Flawed Premise, Ulterior Motives

April 2016

9/11 Commission Leaders Circle Wagons Around Their Legacy

As Clapper Stalls on 28 Pages, Poll Shows Americans Want Complete 9/11 Disclosure

New York Times, USA Today Urge Release of 28 Pages on 9/11

Sanders’ Worst-in-Show Answer on Whether He’s Read 28 Pages

EXCLUSIVE: A Buried Envelope and Buried Questions: Your First Look Inside Document 17

9/11 Bill Prompts Saudi Threat to Sell Off U.S. Treasury Debt

28 Pages Action Alert: Demand Hearings on Secret 9/11 Pages

Drive to Release 9/11 Docs Gains Strength After 60 Minutes Report

On 60 Minutes, A Compelling Case for Releasing 28 Pages on 9/11

60 Minutes to Report on 28 Pages Said to Link 9/11, Saudi Arabia

Activist 9/11 Widows: Obama Shielding Saudis from Justice

February 2016

Congressman’s Letter to Obama: Release 28 Secret Pages on 9/11 Funding

Trump: “Secret Papers” May Link 9/11 to Saudi Arabia

January 2016

New Year, 7 New Cosponsors of 28 Pages Resolution

December 2015

Holiday Rush: 8 More Reps Urge Release of 28 Pages on 9/11

October 2015

Judge Drops Saudi Arabia from 9/11 Suit for Lack of Evidence

September 2015

Rossini on 28 Pages, Claims of Iran Role in 9/11 and More

Former FBI Agent Mark Rossini Driven to Expose CIA’s 9/11 Secret 

“Full Measure with Sharyll Attkisson” Goes Deep on 28 Pages

National Security Whistleblowers Call for Release of 28 Pages

Congressmen Reiterate Call for Release of 9/11 Secrets

CNN’s Smerconish: “Mr President, please release the 28 pages”

ODNI Declassification Review of 28 Pages Enters Second Year

August 2015

Action Alert: Sign White House Petition for Release of 28 Pages

Jeb Bush: “I Don’t Know What the 28 Pages Are”

With 28 Pages Still Hidden, Saudis May Be Released from 9/11 Suit 

July 2015

Lindsey Graham Admission: “I Have Not Read the 28 Pages”

June 2015

Christie: Members of Congress Should Read 28 Pages Only “If They’re Interested”

Paul Offers NDAA Amendment to Drive Release of 28 Pages

Rand’s Next Stand: Declassifying Foreign Government Ties to 9/11

May 2015

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rand Paul, Ron Wyden to Introduce 28 Pages Resolution in Senate

Seymour Hersh, Osama bin Laden and 28 Secret Pages on 9/11

March 2015

Jon Gold Interviews Senator Bob Graham on the 28 Pages and More

February 2015

Report Confirms Very Low 28-Pages Readership on Capitol Hill

28 Pages Resolution Picks Up Seven Cosponsors in Three Days

Create Free 28 Pages Publicity with Letters to the Editor

Jon Gold 9/11 Podcast Covers the 28 Pages

In New York Times Story on 28 Pages, 9/11 Commission’s Zelikow Dismissive of Their Value

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Intelligence Community: Allies Against 9/11 Transparency?

January 2015

Grayson to Submit New Request to Read 28 Secret Pages on 9/11

Great Start to New Session: Three House Reps Join H.Res.14

The 28 Classified Pages as a 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue

Must-Read Quotes from Last Week’s 28 Pages Press Conference

Jan. 7 H.Res. 14 Press Conference: Full Video and Transcript

Brian McGlinchey of on the Scott Horton Show

Federal Panel Evaluating Need for Continued 28 Pages Secrecy

Coming Jan. 7: Press Conference on Resolution to Declassify the 28 Pages

December 2014

The 46 Senators Who Urged Bush to Declassify the 28 Pages

Intel Committee Prevents House Rep from Reading the 28 Pages

Florida Event Spotlights Signs of Foreign Support of 9/11 Plot

Arizona’s Pastor Becomes 21st HRes 428 Cosponsor

Video: CIA Veteran Ray McGovern on the 28 Pages and HRes 428

November 2014

No Recess for the 28 Pages Movement: HRes428 Lands Three New Cosponsors

Post-Election Update: How Declassification Supporters Fared

October 2014

Mitch McConnell’s Multifaceted Opposition to 9/11 Transparency

Michael Goldhaber on Latest Complaint Filed in 9/11 Suit

Ron Paul and RT America’s Abby Martin Discuss the 28 Pages

New Filing in 9/11 Lawsuit Against Saudis

Boston Globe on Rep. Stephen Lynch’s 28 Pages Leadership

Activism Made Easy: Print-and-Send Letters in Action

What to Do When Politicians Duck Your 28-Pages Questions

The National Security Question Ann Kirkpatrick Won’t Answer

September 2014

Letters from 9/11 Family Group to Obama Go Unanswered

CNN’s Jake Tapper Reports on the 28 Pages

Video: September 9, 2014 Press Conference on the 28 Pages

The Great Boatlift of 9/11

Video: Lawrence Wright Discusses 28 Pages on PBS NewsHour

Video: MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” Covers the 28 Pages

Video: Breaks the Set with Abby Martin

U.S. Failure to Examine Saudi 9/11 Role Has Aided Rise of ISIS

The 28 Pages and the War on Terror: Is Congress in a State of Willful Ignorance? to Every Legislator: Have You Read the 28 Pages?

The Scott Horton Show Talks to’s Brian McGlinchey

Increasing Attention to Allegations of 9/11 FBI Cover-Up

Moran, Nadler, Shuster Should be Next Three HRes 428 Cosponsors

Pelosi: Once a Vocal Critic of 28-Pages Secrecy, Now Silent

August 2014

Obama’s Unkept Promise to 9/11 Families: Releasing the 28 Pages

Video: Ron Paul Interviews Rep. Walter Jones on H.Res. 428

Ron Paul Doubles Down on Drive to #Declassify the 28 Pages

28 Ways You Can Build the 28 Pages Movement

July 2014

Foreign Government Involvement in 9/11 Shouldn’t Stay Secret

Video: Rep. Massie on the Experience of Reading the 28 Pages

9/11 Commission Chair, Vice-Chair Say 28 Pages Should Be Declassified

The 28th of Each Month: National Action Days for 28 Pages Movement

Brian McGlinchey’s journalism has moved to a Substack newsletter—Stark Realities with Brian McGlinchey