Jon Gold Interviews Senator Bob Graham on the 28 Pages and More

Former Senator Bob Graham
Former Senator Bob Graham

The latest edition of Jon Gold’s “We Were Lied to About 9/11” podcast (embedded below) is an in-depth interview with former Senator Bob Graham, who co-chaired the joint congressional inquiry into intelligence community activities before and after 9/11. The 28-page finding on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers is found in report of that inquiry.

If you’re generally frustrated by interviewers who know little about the dense web of foreign and domestic intrigue that is 9/11, you’ll find Gold a welcome departure from the norm.

Among many other things, Gold and Graham discussed the 28 pages, allegations that the Pakistani intelligence agency transferred money to lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, the FBI’s concealment of what it knows about the Sarasota terror cell and Vice President Dick Cheney’s adversarial approach to the 9/11 investigations.

Regarding the 28 pages, Graham said “That chapter refers primarily to the issue of who financed 9/11 and it points a very strong finger of suspicion at Saudi Arabia.” He also noted that the classified chapter “goes to one of the remaining areas of lack of consensus and that is, did the 19 hijackers operate alone or did they have support from some external source? The official position of the United States executive—including the intelligence community, the FBI , the White House—is that they acted alone. It is the position of the leadership of both the congressional inquiry and the 9/11 citizens commission that it was highly implausible that the 19 hijackers, given their lack of linguistic familiarity and the the fact that most of them had never been to the United States before they came for the purpose of 9/11, that they could have carried out such a complex plot over a long period of time, maintaining their anonymity, being able to practice to the point that they carried out the plot with such devastating effect.”

Graham also said that Bush and Obama administrations’ concealment of Saudi ties to the 9/11 hijackers has “adversely affected our national security by giving Saudi Arabia the not unreasonable conclusion that Saudi Arabia is immune to any sanction for its actions and can…continue to support al Qaeda” and provide resources to ISIS, whose formation it helped facilitate. “American national security has been weakened by the failure to let the American people and the world know what Saudi Arabia did around 9/11 and subsequent to 9/11,” Graham added.

Jon Gold
Jon Gold

Gold asked Graham a question of particularly high interest to us at Could he confirm the 28 pages document support of the 9/11 hijackers from more than one country? Unfortunately, Graham replied with a flat “no,” which we interpreted—without complete confidence—as a refusal to comment rather than a dismissal of the notion that Saudi Arabia isn’t the only foreign country implicated in the 28 pages.

Though the 28 pages have received significant publicity, Graham said “the 28 pages are by no means the totality of instances in which Saudi Arabia’s actions have been covered up by U.S. officials.” In addition to the FBI’s remarkable lack of transparency regarding its investigation of the Sarasota cell, Graham also highlighted the FBI’s blocking of the congressional inquiry’s request to interview an FBI informant who actually housed two of the hijackers.

“You had the anomalous situation of a paid FBI agent being the landlord of two of the future hijackers. We very much wanted to talk to that man,” said Graham. “We thought he had a peculiar access to the hijackers and to information about the actions of the FBI, but the FBI went to great lengths, including refusing to serve a subpoena, which it alone could serve because at that point the man was in protective custody and they were the only entity who knew of where he was and could provide access to him.”

Appealing directly to Gold’s audience for support for the declassification effort, Graham suggested they participate by writing a lettersending an email or placing a call to their representatives and senators.

Those are just some highlights—we recommend listening to all of it, and exploring the many other interesting discussions Gold has hosted.  “We Were Lied to About 9/11” is accessible via iTunes and YouTube.

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