Video: MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” Covers the 28 Pages

Last night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hosted an excellent segment on the 28 pages, including interviews with Congressmen Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch, the two lead sponsors of H.Res.428, which urges the president to declassify the 28 pages.

MSNBC 28 PAGESA few highlights:

  • The segment includes 2003 video of then-President Bush offering a rote rationale for the classification of the 28 pages: “We have an ongoing war against Al Qaeda and terrorists, and the declassification of that part of a 900-page document would reveal sources and methods that will make it harder for us to win the war on terror.”
  • Rep. Lynch noted that, in addition to owing the truth to 9/11 families and victims, releasing “these 28 pages, in my opinion, would inform our anti-terrorism policy going forward.”
  • Rep. Lynch: “The most important thing for members of Congress to do, and people at home, encourage your member of congress, your representative, to go and read the 28 pages, and then I think, after they read that, they will sign on to our resolution urging its declassification.”
  • Regarding Saudi Arabia’s public support for declassifying the 28 pages, Rep. Lynch said, “I think there might be some duplicity on the part of the Saudis in terms of them desiring this to be disclosed.” Hayes said, “You don’t think they actually do,” to which Lynch replied, “No.”

Watch the full segment here.


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