Foreign Government Involvement in 9/11 Shouldn’t Stay Secret

And that’s why we’ve launched More than a website, it will serve as an information and activism hub for citizens, elected officials and journalists who want to follow or join the growing, bipartisan movement to declassify a 28-page finding about foreign support for the 9/11 terrorists.

The 28-page redaction at issue is found in the report of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. Not to be confused with the 9/11 Commission, this inquiry was a separate undertaking of the House and Senate intelligence committees.

While the resulting 838-page volume features many redacted words, sentences and paragraphs, President George W. Bush’s censorship of this particular section was comprehensive: 28 consecutive pages fully masked from public view, with only a few introductory paragraphs left intact. Within what little that is visible, we find the inquiry reviewed “FBI and CIA documents suggesting specific potential sources of foreign support for the September 11 hijackers.”

Though some argue for continued deference to President Bush’s decision and President Obama’s inaction in reversing it, a growing number from both sides of the aisle are calling for declassification, united by two shared conclusions:

  • There’s no national security justification for the comprehensive redaction of this section. 
  • Citizens deserve to know about foreign support for the 9/11 attacks.

The growing drive to declassify this section doesn’t spring from passive curiosity. Rather, it is compelled by a near-universal interest in:

  • Securing justice for 9/11 victims. Such justice is often pursued via military and diplomatic action, but it can also come in a courtroom: Victims and families are pursuing civil action against countries they believe to be complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Preventing future attacks. Warding off future terrorist attacks necessitates an accurate and shared understanding of the most devastating attack to date.
  • Pursuing a rational foreign policy. For both policymakers and the citizens from whom their power flows, it’s essential to fully understand the misdeeds and motives of foreign governments that aided Al Qaeda in its preparation for September 11…lest we continue policies that actually reinforce the maintenance of power by guilty parties.

With a firm commitment to well-sourced facts and sound reasoning, explores the many facets of this issue and shines a spotlight on the stances taken by elected officials, as we strive to facilitate the long-overdue disclosure of what lies in those 28 pages.

7 thoughts on “Foreign Government Involvement in 9/11 Shouldn’t Stay Secret

  1. “FBI and CIA documents suggesting specific potential sources of foreign support for the September 11 hijackers.” is a very deliberate attempt to allude to ‘enemy’ foreign support suggesting it is a ‘security issue’ to keep the enemy from knowing what the US knows. I never agree with this kind of secrecy and understand that some people think it is necessary but how would anyone know what malicious intent is practised by the assumed ‘benevolent’ home government if things can be kept secret from the home population. Of course the concern with this particular document is that it may be hiding the ‘false flag’ element of the event. The only threat may be to the ‘security’ of the individuals deceiving the American (and wider world) population which, of course, is opposed to the ‘national security’ it is pretending to defend.

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    • Then again, that vague language could theoretically be intended to conceal that the “foreign support” came from countries we have labelled as “friends” and “allies.”


  2. It is important to note that the co-chairmen of this joint congressional commission were Sen. Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss (later CIA Director). Graham, Goss,and the White House were apparently the main 3 factions that did not want an outside, independent 9/11 investigation & report (for their own reasons). All involved are now out of power… Graham is pushing to de-classify the 28 pages. If Saudi Intelligence is implicated, as leaks seem to indicate, it will not exactly burnish the Bush legacy. This will still be a tough one to win (ask me why!), but success could bring change. Rep. Massie seems genuinely disturbed by what he read, it’s that more than anything that has renewed my interest in this subject.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You said, “This will still be a tough one to win (ask me why!)”
      Ok, tell us why!


      • Thank you for your effort! I think the implications of Saudi (and possibly other foreign government) involvement in 9/11 are probably enough to stretch the imagination of even the most avid “conspiracy theorist”. The passing of so many years proves that this is a very heavy rock – it is one thing to lift it, another task entirely to really scrutinize what is underneath. Most people do not like having their world view upset, particularly if there is not a clear path to a new understanding. As many have already said, it is not acceptable for important pieces of the 9/11 puzzle to be tucked away under the cloak of “national security”, especially once it has become clear that those pieces change the meaning of the big picture. Needless to say, classifying important information to protect powerful people from criminal inquiry is also against the rules! The American people deserve better. I agree with your tactics – every congressional rep. must be pressured 1) to read the 28 pages and 2) get on the record as to why they do or do not support declassification.


  3. Ironic since the Saudi government is very closely connected to the US government and the Western elite establishment….. Nothing here though…move along…. All our Government officials say…

    It is obvious that 911 was staged by the elite as an excuse to invade the Mid East for oil resources and banking control.

    More recently, elite lackeys Obama and McCain have supported the funding of the once called “Free Syrian Rebels” (now known as ISIS) over the last several years. Western corporations want to gain control of the Syrian gas pipelines that run to the Mediterranean Sea.

    With our WIDE open borders and we expose the fraud with our supposed “War on Terror”. The Feds and various special interests use the war on terror as an excuse to assume more power or financial gain. While regular citizens are told to give up their constitutional rights for fear of men in caves, the entire Al-Qaeda organization could easily enter across our Mexican border if they chose. At present, our society is rapidly accelerating towards a totalitarian police state run by large corporations and banks. Welcome to our emerging socialist idiocracy 1930s German style. Joseph Goebbels couldn’t have planned it any better.


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