Video: Rep. Massie on the Experience of Reading the 28 Pages

At a March 12, 2014 press conference called to support HRes 428—which urges President Obama to declassify the 28 pages from the joint House-Senate intelligence inquiry into 9/11—Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie described the experience of being escorted to a soundproof room to read the redacted section, and his personal feelings as he learned for the first time precisely what is being concealed from the public.

His remarks are striking, as is his conviction that the information should be declassified. Indeed, his words played no small role in prompting the launch of

We’ve cued up the video to that particular part of his statement, but it’s worthwhile to listen to him from the beginning as well. Please share this page: Representative Massie’s remarks serve as a concise and impactful introduction for those who are not aware that their government isn’t sharing all it knows about 9/11.

REDACTED w911We need every member of Congress to read the 28 pages and support their release. Call or write with our help today. 

2 thoughts on “Video: Rep. Massie on the Experience of Reading the 28 Pages

  1. The premise of investigative work and intelligence analysis always begins the same way;
    By knowing what questions to ask.

    What I passionately hope is that the introduction of this debate, [regardless of whether or not the 28 pages, currently redacted from public view, are released for public consumption and consideration], will provoke for Americans an awareness to the most basic of investigative questions: “Who funded this and why?”

    There can be no more telling explanation for any of the insurgencies, coups and battles raging all over the 20th & 21st Centuries than that which answers the question: “Where is the money coming from?”


    • quote”“Where is the money coming from?”unquote

      Indeed. Even Otis Pike tried to find the answer clear back in the 70’s, when chairing the Pike Commission, was asking exactly the same question to which the committee sought answers from various officials of the OMB(Office of Management and Budget), who, after being grilled with impunity, admitted thier office had finally thrown their hands in the air when trying to find where the funding came from for the CIA/NSA, and completely gave up from 1962 till the commission started asking this question. Unfortunately, upon the Pike Commission finishing it’s Report, President Ford decided it was so devistating to the USG, he ultimately refused to allow it’s release, which to his dismay, was leaked the very next day by journalist Danial Shore to the Village Voice. Read for yourself the actual transcript of these hearings..and then ask yourself… how 9/11 came to be.

      Click to access chapters_11_through_13_and_appendices.pdf

      Indeed..follow the money..IF you can find where it came from in the first place.


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