The National Security Question Ann Kirkpatrick Won’t Answer

“Congresswoman, have you read the 28 pages?”

Ann Kirkpatrick (D, AZ-1)
Ann Kirkpatrick (D, AZ-1)

For nearly a year, Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC), Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) have repeatedly urged House colleagues to read a classified, 28-page finding on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers.

Lynch recently told The Boston Globe that the information within that finding is essential to understanding “the web of intrigue…and the treacherous nature of the parties we are dealing with—the terrorists and their supporters.” Preventing the next 9/11 starts with understanding who enabled the actual 9/11.

In our work to help achieve the declassification of this material—a goal that counts both the chairman and vice-chairman of the 9/11 Commission among its supporters— has grown increasingly convinced that a scandalously large number of House representatives have spurned the repeated and intriguing pleas of Jones, Lynch and Massie, choosing to remain in a state of willful ignorance where vital national security intelligence is concerned.

Arizona’s Ann Kirkpatrick may be one of those incumbents inexplicably disinterested in reading a passage that Jones described as “shocking” and Massie said caused him to “stop every couple of pages…and try to rearrange my understanding of history.” 

To promote transparency and help create a full accounting of 28-pages readership on Capitol Hill, has begun asking every incumbent representative and senator two simple questions:

  • Have you read the 28 pages? 
  • If not, have you requested permission from your intelligence committee to do so? 

Since the answers to those questions give voters valuable insight into the national security diligence of incumbents, we’re making it our first priority to query the ones who are involved in the most competitive elections. One of those embattled incumbents, Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), has completely ignored two requests to answer these simple yes-or-no questions.

If she had read the 28 pages, one imagines she’d be quick to claim credit for doing so, particularly since her opponent, Republican Andy Tobin, has used national security as a principal avenue of attack. Her silence, however, may suggest she’s among the many incumbents who’ve spent countless hours raising money but haven’t spent 30 minutes to ensure their life-and-death voting decisions are grounded in essential intelligence.

With Kirkpatrick fighting for survival in what was recently marked as the second-most expensive race in the nation, voters in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District must now interpret her silence about her attentiveness to national security and foreign policy. With the approval rating of the 113th Congress scuttling along near all-time lows, she shouldn’t assume they’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, whenever you’re ready to answer those two questions, you know where to find us.

True to the nonpartisan nature of, in the coming days we’ll balance this scrutiny of Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick by focusing on a Republican incumbent who’s been similarly silent.

REDACTED w911Transparency is a team sport: Ask your representative and senators if they’ve read the 28 pages.

One thought on “The National Security Question Ann Kirkpatrick Won’t Answer

  1. it is quit amazing how we Europeans look at how little Americans actually know about.. yes sorry, anything, as Mr Frank Zappa said, here we learn to be ignorant with dignity.. Even questions as” when was 9-11, you can hear answers as.. wasn’t it in august 2003…the situation now considering ISIS is home made, means.. made by Americans.. you created the mess, and the basis for ISIS, you created a Europe with 10% Muslims, all fugitives from the wars you have made since i was a kid..Your nationalism is nearly as in Germany 1930.. As an an angry American said to me ” have you ever spilled blood for your country” what a stupid argument for having a war in the far east ..Vietnam.. at that time it was your communism fear, now it is terrorism… can only say one thing which comes from the Roman empire.. Give the people bread and games..i think and believe that 80% of the adult normally educated people in my country Denmark, is aware that you took down the WTC created HIV, and now you are in a deep dept, that will have to make you make a new big war….And you have to lie again… but you are really good at that.. or the Americans, just don’t want to see the truth… chaos means money, there are always somebody who benifit from your disasters.. no wonder that more and more natural people, start dislike… The Amaerican dream.. or night mare..You are like the frog you put in cold water and slowly make boil.. it will stay there,,and die..
    So wake up America…2 world war took 5 years in Europe… You never stopped it…And greed is your name.


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