The 28th of Each Month: National Action Days for 28 Pages Movement

Achieving the declassification of the 28-page finding on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers will require sustained, steady effort by citizens, journalists and elected officials who are determined to give the American people the knowledge they deserve to have—and need to have if they are to form well-informed opinions about both the past and future directions of U.S. foreign policy.

REDACTED w911On any given day, members of the 28 Pages movement are taking action to make declassification a reality. To complement and reinforce that ongoing activism, will today begin promoting the 28th day of each month as a national action day. On these days, “28 Pagers” across the nation and around the world are encouraged to all do something for the cause on the same day, giving the voice of the 28 Pages movement a monthly volume boost.  

In future months, as our bipartisan ranks continue to grow, we may use the occasion to simultaneously work together on one single avenue of activism–or one reluctant politician. For July 28, 2014, take your pick:  Call your congressional representative, senator or the White House, post a link to a page on social media, tell your Twitter followers to follow @28Pages, like us on Facebook, tell some friends and family about this issue, write a letter to an editor, call in to a radio show—the choice is yours. (And if you’re fired up, feel free to do more than just one!)