Moran, Nadler, Shuster Should Be Next Three HRes 428 Co-Sponsors

With seven more representatives joining the list of House Resolution 428 cosponsors in the past two weeks, the bipartisan drive to declassify the 28-page finding on foreign government support of the September 11 hijackers is clearly gaining steam.

As looks at the House of Representatives with an eye on who should be next to take a stand for 9/11 transparency, three names keep rising to the top of our list: Jim Moran, Jerry Nadler and Bill Shuster.

What distinguishes these three? It isn’t their politics—it’s their geography: Their three districts are, respectively, home to the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and that remote, windswept field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Not only do these three gentlemen represent districts with solemn ties to September 11, each also held office on that day. One—Pennsylvania’s Shuster—had taken his oath less than four months before Flight 93’s determined passengers downed their plane in his district, likely saving the U.S. Capitol Building from devastation.

If you agree they should stand together—two Democrats and a Republican—to acknowledge their districts’ unique ties to September 11th and cosponsor H.Res.428, let them hear some polite encouragement via social media and include a link to this page.  

Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 7.33.54 PMRep. Jim Moran (D, VA-8)

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nadlerRep. Jerry Nadler (D, NY-10)

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SHUSTERRep. Bill Shuster (R, PA-9)

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