Mitch McConnell’s Multifaceted Opposition to 9/11 Transparency

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

He won’t confirm or deny it, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may be among what suspects is a scandalously high number of incumbent federal legislators who haven’t bothered reading the classified, 28-page finding on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers.

McConnell and staff have now twice refused to answer the two simple questions is posing to every senator and representative:

  • Have you read the 28 pages?
  • If not, have you requested permission from your intelligence committee to do so?

Considering legislators familiar with the classified finding say it has direct bearing on the ongoing confrontation with radical Islam in the Middle East—and can inform the life-and-death decisions of federal policymakers—failure by any representative or senator to read the 28 pages may well amount to gross negligence. That’s particularly evident when you reflect on the fact that a 19-year old Marine last week became the first servicemember to die in recently-launched operations against ISIS.

McConnell’s silence on these two simple questions gives reason to doubt he’s taken a half hour break from re-election fundraising and campaigning to read the 28 pages—and there’s an even stronger indication that he doesn’t want you to read them either.

McConnell Blocked Senate Declassification Push

Today, the primary focus of the growing, bipartisan drive to declassify the 28 pages is House Resolution 428, which urges the president to declassify the finding. Meanwhile, the House sponsors of H.Res.428 are working to find a senator to introduce a comparable resolution in their own chamber.

Byron Dorgan
Byron Dorgan

It wouldn’t be the first time a senator pursued a legislative push to declassify the 28 pages. In 2003, then-Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) twice introduced amendments to Senate bills with language similar to that of H.Res.428. Each time, his effort to help give the American people the information they need to reach informed decisions on foreign policy were thwarted via procedural maneuvers by initiated by McConnell. (You can read the transcripts of the debate on the Senate floor here and here.)

We recently wrote that, despite having been repeatedly and intriguingly urged by Congressmen Walter Jones, Stephen Lynch and Thomas Massie to read the 28 pages, it appears the great majority of federal legislators have inexplicably chosen to remain in a state of willful ignorance regarding intelligence that bears directly on the ongoing “war on terror.”

Does McConnell’s silence indicate he’s among those willfully ignorant incumbents? As Kentucky voters weigh McConnell’s job performance–in deciding between him and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes—it should arguably be the foremost question on their minds. is a nonpartisan resource for the movement to declassify the 28 pages. This piece on the Republican McConnell was preceded by a similar critique of Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

Ask your representative and senators if they’ve read the 28 pages. We make it easy.

7 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell’s Multifaceted Opposition to 9/11 Transparency

  1. I am incredulous that a United States Senator — or Congressperson for that matter — must ask PERMISSION from the Intelligence Committee of their chamber to look at these 28 censored pages let alone anything else. PERMISSION? Mother may I…? WTF is this?


  2. I contacted both my Senators Rubio and Nelson (FL) and asked a number of related questions
    since one of them sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Neither will respond on such an
    important issue. They will respond to routine emails relating to the environment or other
    “safe” issues. Our Senators and Reps don’t really give a damn.

    Recently I wrote Rep. Yoho (FL) re H.R. 4009, Protect Academic Freedom Act and in his reply
    he stated that boycotting Israel was bigotry. A heated reply through his web site asking that he
    apologize for implying that anyone supporting BDS is a bigot was just ignored.

    A long time ago a friend and I jokingly started a “Geezer Militia” our motto being
    “If you are going anyway take a politician with you”. Maybe its a good idea.


  3. McConnell killed an amendment in 2003 that ….

    “The amendment is as follows:

    (Purpose: To urge the President to release information regarding
    sources of foreign support for the 9-11 hijackers)”

    McConnell, evidently is more concerned with protecting Saudi terrorists, than Americans.

    see here….

    “Congressional Record: October 28, 2003 (Senate)
    Page S13349-S13372”


  4. My congressman J.Randy Forbes,4th District,Va., refuses to address this issue amongst others such as reinstating Glass-Steagall. He convinced me he is a yes man for the Republican Party leaders protecting Obama. Lyndon LaRouche was right all along.


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