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WHITE HOUSEPresident Obama promised 9/11 family members he would declassify the 28 pages. It’s time for Americans to hold him to that pledge so we can all have a better understanding of foreign government ties to the attack. You can call or write.

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 (9 to 5 Eastern, Monday to Friday)

White House phone staffers just need to capture why you’re calling—there’s no need for an elaborate speech. You can simply say:

I’m calling to urge the president to completely declassify 28 pages on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers contained in the report of the 2002 joint congressional inquiry.

Hearing impaired? Call 202-456-6213 for TTY/TTD.

Write to the President: Two Options

The online form is much faster. If you’d like, you can cut and paste this sentence, or write your own:

I’m writing to urge President Obama to honor the promise he made to 9/11 families and declassify the 28 pages on foreign government support of the September 11 hijackers found in the report of the 2002 joint congressional inquiry. 

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